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Visual phase: Wine with a high coloured layers where the cherry red colours permeate with a clean and brilliant finish.

Aromatic phase: Very aromatic wine where you can taste the different types of grapes, Strong aromas of red fruits with hints of balsamic, nuts and liquorice can also be detected.

Taste phase: Expressive, round in the mouth with gentle tannins, you can notice the fresh characteristic of this type of preparation. A pleasant aftertaste with liquorice and a refreshing tone, that invites you to drink.


Type of elaboration

Type of elaboration: Carbonic Maceration.

Varieties of grapes: Tempranillo 85%, Granache 10% and Viura 5%.

Elaboration: From grapes grown in our vineyards around San Vicente De La Sonsierra. Good solar exposure and during the maturation period great contrasts of temperature between day and night thus achieving a perfect maturation.

Types of ground: Clay and limestone.


After four generations we continue to make our wine in the original cellar with traditional methods in open concrete containers. The cellar dates back to 1870.

After a rigorous monitoring of maturation, the harvest is done by hand which allows a selection of grapes. The elaboration is done by the traditional method of carbonic maceration that involves the transformation of the grape into wine, introducing the whole bunches with the greatest care not to break the fruit in open concrete containers.

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