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Since 1870 four generations have committed to working our vineyards and creating our wines using the method of carbonic maceration. For more than a century transferred from parents to children with passion, dedication and a lot of work, the love for our vineyards and artistic origins shine through our wines.


Our Vineyards


La Pacha

Courage, constancy, humility, family, a woman ahead of her time. This will be your legacy, to strive for.

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Isabel Bañares

My Mother has spent a lifetime dedicated to making wine with our traditions and passion in which you taste in every bottle we produce.


Our wines


The essence of a village and our family helps us make a wine full of fresh fruit in all its aspects.


It was born from the dream of Teodoro Ruíz to make wines of carbonic maceration in a barrel. From this dream was born a wine full of flavour and history.


Wine tourism

Join us for a unique experience undersanding our passion for creating wines.

Experience first hand the traditions set by our Family over a 100 years ago. You will live and feel the history of our winery. Visit our Vinyards, taste our wines then you will know our cultural heritage.



Tel: 941 334 221  |  Tel: 669 136 144

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Tel: 941 334 221  |  Tel: 669 136 144  |  Email: bodegateodororm@hotmail.com